» Welcome!
Posted by: sandor - 04-29-2020, 09:31 AM - No Replies

Post your comments and feedback in this thread! Smile

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» The Elder Scrolls Anthology [INSTALL]
Posted by: sandor - 04-17-2014, 09:30 AM - No Replies

Finally got some time to install the games, never played Daggerfall before which is great! Smile

For Skyrim, Oblivion & Morrowind you have to install the games through Steam.
No CD required, go to games>>Activate a product on Steam & enter the key that comes with your box.

It works fine even if you bought Skyrim separately etc.

Make sure to rename/backup your game folders to prevent loosing your custom game content/tools.

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» Woltlab Burning Board 3.18, Welcome box (Wilkommen box) package
Posted by: sandor - 04-15-2014, 09:10 AM - No Replies

The "de.fallover.welcomebox.tar"plugin from Woltlab plugin store (free plugin) changes the header.tpl (template) in order to make it possible to switch the welcome box on and off.

The package messed up the forum template (appearance), so I don't recommend it for Burning Board 3.18.

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» Claims & our Conversion
Posted by: sandor - 04-13-2014, 07:50 AM - No Replies

The Silgrad City claims remain valid (same claim number).
These claims have to be checked (floating stuff), if you want to change the layout plz go ahead.
You have to add AI & dialogue to the NPC's.

Rift Watch, remains the same, the interiors & exterior have to be transferred to the new esm.

The exterior WS (worldspace) remains the same.
The child WS' for Silgrad Tower & Soluthis have to be connected to the main WS.

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» Forum restored
Posted by: sandor - 04-06-2014, 03:27 PM - Replies (2)

Today I restored the correct backup (after we cancelled the merger with TAL due too many conversion/integration issues, we wish them the best of luck), fixed a few newer posts manually and imported the correct version of the PM's. Smile

I didn't have time to update the board last visit time for Bob & Brima, if you login this will be corrected automatically.

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» The Adventures of Porky the Guar, Volume I Brima
Posted by: Brima - 04-03-2014, 11:32 AM - Replies (1)

Title: The Adventures of Porky the Guar, Volume I
Series: The Adventures of Porky the Guar
IC Author: Amon Serethi
OOC Author: Brima
Word Count: 874
Suggested Location: Serethi Manor



Once upon a time in the Ashunor river valley, behind a small, traditional Redoran farmhouse, there lived a guar of unusual size called Porky.

Porky was owned by a farmer called Neron. In the spring, Porky would help Neron plow his corkbulb fields, but the rest of the time, he grazed in his pen behind the house, and slept soundly at nights beneath the small ash-shelter which the farmer had built for him. It was a good life for a guar, and a quiet one. The only time Porky’ s routine was disrupted was when Neron’s daughter Radethi would load up baskets of gold kanet garlands onto his back, and lead him north to the ancient river city of Silgrad Tower.

Radethi’s garlands were noted for their grace and delicacy, and decorated many famous ancestral tombs on festival days. She sold them in the plaza before the Tribunal Temple, and the baskets Porky carried there were always empty before noon.

One day, when the garlands had all sold in the first two hours, and Porky was snuffling hopefully at passersby (sometimes, they would take pity on him and throw him a blossom or two), a young nobleman came rushing up to Radethi’s stand.

“I’ll give you that guar’s weight in gold,” he cried, “for a basket of Timsa-Come-By!”

“But Timsa’s hard to come by at any time of year,” objected Radethi, “Let alone in basket-fulls! And by the grace of Almsivi, why do you need so much?”

“They’re the new favorite flower of Seriah Ules,” replied the nobleman with impatience, “Don’t you know anything about what happens in Upper Chambers?”

As a corkbulb farmer’s daughter, Radethi didn’t know much about what happened in Eastside, let alone in the noble district of Upper Chambers, but even she had heard of Seriah Ules, the most highly reputed beauty in all of Silgrad Tower.

“Well,” she said finally, “I do know a spot in the hills where there might still be some.”

“Wonderful!” he exclaimed, “You’ll be the making of me, I knew it the moment I saw you. Let’s go at once.”

Radethi packed up her stand and led Porky and the stranger out of the city. They followed the road south, and after some time Radethi stepped off the road and began to climb into the hills. Porky ambled happily after.

Every so often he would stop to try and eat some wild kanet by the road, and Radethi would tug at his lead to get him to follow after. It was harder still for her to encourage the stranger to keep up: as the day wore on, he began to walk almost as slowly as Porky.

Finally, when the sun was high in the sky, they arrived at a weathered ancestral tomb cut into the hillside. Near its base, clusters of rosy Timsa-Come-By grew, still in full bloom despite the lateness of the season.

The young nobleman ran forward with a glad cry, while Porky trundled over towards the door of the tomb, where a tasty-looking curtain of vines half-obscured the entry-way.

“Whose tomb is this, anyway?” asked the young nobleman, after he had piled as many flowers as he could into Porky’s side baskets.

“It belongs to the Serethi family,” said Radethi. “No one’s kept it up for a long while, though. They say that the son of the family is a member of House Hlaalu and he’s never even bothered to visit it. What a reprobate!”

The young man shot her an odd look over his shoulder, then turned his attention back to Porky, taking hold of the guar’s lead and pulling him away from the tomb entrance.

“What a reprobate, indeed,” he said. “Shall we be going?”

By the time they returned to Silgrad Tower, the sun was low in the sky. “She’s going to be at a feast in Upper Chambers tonight, ” the young Dunmer told Radethi, as they passed under the city’s eastern gate, “So I must be on my way. Can’t be late! Here’s the fee I promised you.”

“What about Porky?”

“I presume you’re staying at the temple of the Tribunal?”

“Yes, but - ”

“I’ll have him sent to you there tomorrow, never fear. Word of a Serethi!”

For weeks after, the events of that evening were the talk of Upper Chambers. It was said the nobleman Otham Serethi, notorious scoff-Temple and rising member of the Great House Hlaalu, had walked into a feast at High Councilor Goldar Valen’s manor leading a guar laden with priceless Timpsa-Come-By, and that his luck with Seriah Ules had turned for the better on that night.

As for Radethi, she waited at the inn adjoining the Silgrad Temple for days, but Porky never arrived. The sizable sum Otham had given her for the flowers did very little to assuage her fury.

“I sold that impious Hlaalu flowers,” she wept angrily to the innkeeper, “not my guar! If he doesn’t send him back soon, I’m going up to Upper Chambers myself to find him.”

But as to how Porky fared in Upper Chambers afterwards, and whether he ever saw his Redoran farmstead and his own homely ash-shelter again, that’s another story entirely.

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» Quest dev. Situation?
Posted by: dietbob196045 - 02-25-2014, 05:46 PM - Replies (1)

Can anyone tell me were we are at in the Development of any of the current quest ideas

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» Morrowind modding
Posted by: dietbob196045 - 02-24-2014, 11:24 PM - No Replies

Yes Folks its me Bob

Still plugging away, I have been out of modding for some time

my pc was a piece of junk, got a new one

I was ill for quite some time, my health is better

I have been building in the construction set all along, writing quests and gathering info, however I have been out of many of the modding communities for several to discover that most of them have gone away

Sad Sad Sad

If anyone needs anything, let me know


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» Mesh Conversion
Posted by: sandor - 01-21-2014, 11:24 AM - No Replies

All of our custom Oblivion assets (a couple of thousand models) have been converted many thanks to Ornim (converter tool) & happychappy1 (happychappy) from the Skywind team. :banana:

Now we have all to models to continue with the teaser interiors! Smile

.jpg   MeshConversion.jpg (Size: 26.32 KB / Downloads: 2)

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» Merger with The Assimilation Lab
Posted by: sandor - 01-12-2014, 12:36 PM - Replies (5)

The Assimilation Lab or TAL has a an excellent reputation in the modding community and was founded by AndalayBay. TAL amongst others specializes in hosting projects.


Forum participation has been declining over the last few years, so AndalayBay and I have decided to merge our communities. Each community has features that complement the other and we feel we can build a stronger community by merging them so we are not competing with each other.

The site will remain under The Assimilation Lab banner. We'll have a section on TAL's home page to reflect the new setup with an article about Silgrad Tower's history and our own blog. Silgrad Tower's tutorials will be merged into TAL's tutorial section. Silgrad Tower will be given its own section on the forums and that will house all of the forum archives for the past projects hosted there, as well as the Silgrad Tower mod. We will be reviewing all of Silgrad Tower's content and either merging it into TAL's forum structure (clearly marked as originating from ST) or maintaining the current structure in the Silgrad Tower section.

Silgrad Tower is a large site, so it will take us some time to convert the data and load it into the database here.

I have added AndalayBay to our administrative staff on ST, for a smooth transition. Please join me in welcoming her to the team.

I'll post more details later on.

To be clear, the private messages won't be migrated since they're confidential, just the forum content.
If you want to download your messages please use the download button at the bottom of your message(s).

After the site moved it's still possible to login and access your PM's.

:alert: The account info will be merged as well, so you don't have to register at The Assimilation Lab after the merge.

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