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The BSA archives contain all files made by the Silgrad Tower team, they are intended to be used by all members of the team. Note that we're not distributing the bsa's openly! This is because the server it's hosted on has limited bandwidth, so please don't share the link to this site with others.

Proceed to the download page for
links and installation information.


If you encounter problems related to the files, please first ensure that the .bsa is located in your Oblivion\Data folder and that you have the latest internal modding esm, posted in the pinned thread on our forum board "The Source". Also ensure that you're using Oblivion 1.2 and CS 1.2, and finally ensure that your ConstructionSet.ini has been changed according to the information above:
- Did you change both .ini files?
- Did you change the correct .ini files?
(Oblivion_default.ini is the WRONG one)
If the problem is not due to that then please contact sandor either by email to or via PM through Silgrad Tower's Forum.



If you wish to submit additions to our file collection then please do so by sending the material directly to sandor via email to We usually do updates of the existing meshes and textures ourselves, but if you would like to do revisions then you're welcome to. Contact me before you start though. If you want to create something but don't know what then check out the "Open jobs for modellers" thread pinned on our Visual Development board.



Please do not distribute the link to the bsa archive since the server it's hosted on has limited bandwidth. If the server runs out of bandwidth the files on it can't be accessed until the subsequent month, which among other things may mean that others are prevented from downloading it. There is no risk of that happening as long as the link isn't posted publically.

The files in the archive belong to the Silgrad Tower team, unless stated otherwise on our website's credit page. Files from this archive may not be redistributed or used in other mods; they are exclusive to Silgrad Tower.

- The Silgrad Tower Core