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Silgrad Tower: Oblivion Archived Boards Hello You [Logout]
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You are now browsing Silgrad Tower's board archive. If you've come here then you probably know that Silgrad Tower is a modification for the computer role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Well, apart from being that our team also hosts a number of other mod projects on our forum ( Sometimes these mod projects cease for varying reasons, and then they eventually wind up here where they'll stay archived in html form indefinitely - partly to conserve space in our database and partly to keep the forum from being cluttered with abandoned projects.

There are two exceptions to the rule, shown in italicized text below. One is the board ''General archive for non-ST threads'' which is essentially our trashcan for utterly useless threads, and the other is a few threads I deleted from Valenwood's board archive since they were more or less duplicates of other threads.

Click a link below to browse a particular archive.

     High Rock #1 | H.R. #2

     Summerset Isles
     The Isle of Black

     General archive for non-ST threads