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What's this place?

Silgrad Tower's Storage Website, located at, is where the Silgrad Tower team backs up and otherwise host material that won't fit on our regular server, Our hosting on this server was donated by a benefactor within our mod team whom wishes to remain anonymous. I can say as much as that it is not myself, I only run and maintain this site. Through the aid of our benefactor we are able to host among other things our library of old forum attachments here, freeing up a wallop of data storage space on the server -- thereby allowing us to expand the limits on attachments members of our forum post.

As time goes on more and more material I've backed up over the years will be added to this place. With an insane 200 gigabytes data storage space at our disposal we won't run out anytime soon. Rather we can merrily post more and bigger attachments on the forum for at least ten years without ever having to lose any old ones.

We do not however have unlimited bandwidth on like we do on, so you're not going to see for instance future releases of our mod hosted here. Still, we do have 3000 gigabytes of bandwidth so you should by no means feel any restriction on what you download - it's as good as impossible for us to hit that roof seeing as this place focuses on backup- and reference material.

- Razorwing / updated by sandor
2007-05-07 / 2012-05-01

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The old forum existed between early 2003 up until May 2005 when we switched to the new system, but the old attachments were lost when our old website provider went bankrupt in the summer of 2004.
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